Muslim Woman Stops Tsunami Calling On The Name Of Jesus (Video)

Muslim Woman and her family saved from Tsunami Calling On The name of Jesus

Hayati is a tsunami survivor from Indonesia who left Islam and converted to Christianity, after the miracle that the Lord Jesus Christ did for her and for her friends and family.

Watch the reenacted video below:

The night before the earthquake, she had a very disturbing dream, She didn’t know what it means, In the dream she saw she has built her own house but there was no roof, which often is a symbol of protection and all around the house there were people crowded all round.

Suddenly there was an earthquake in the morning, I was washing dishes at that time, I told my husband that time in the morning during the earthquake “May be this is the sign that many people will die, I dreamt about it last night” Then about 1 minutes latter the earthquake stopped, so we went out, “Let’s get out, let’s get out” and the sea waters which appeared like the huge dark wouldn’t bulge, as tossed through tall coconut trees came, where shall we go where shall we go they all asked me.

I became so confused, there was a Church just very close and I said this is the house of God, It is the house of God, let’s all go in. I prayed, I forgot I was a Muslim.

I prayed like a Christian, I said dear God, dear Lord, please protect us, do not destroy us oh God, Do not be angry with us oh God Forgive us, forgive our sins, Lord Jesus do not forsake me, Every one was shouting LORD Jesus, Lord Jesus, Suddenly the waters stop about 1 meter away.

Muslim Woman Comes Back To Life After 2 Days In Mortuary, Says Jesus Brought Her Back

The water has stop!!! We were shouting, thank you Jesus, Everyone believes the Lord Jesus has saved us at that time.

Hayati and her family has now receive life which is in Christ Jesus along with those villagers around her from a recent Tsunami Disaster which hit Indonesia.


A Black Virginia Pastor Arrested For Calling White Cops…..

A black church pastor from Virginia has said that he was arrested after calling 911 to report that five white individuals were verbally and physically attacking him.

Pastor Leon McCray of Lighthouse Church and Marketplace Ministries International in Woodstock has said that he was forced to brandish a gun to scare off the attackers, who set upon him after he tried to prevent them from dumping waste on his property.

However, to his shock the police officers who arrived at the incident, placed him under arrest.

Shenandoah County Sheriff Timothy Carter has since issued an apology to the pastor for his arrest, and has confirmed that the five people involved in the attack had now been arrested. There were three male and two female suspects.

In addition, two department supervisors have now been placed on unpaid administrative leave pending a full review of the incident.

Pastor McCray spoke about his experience during his online sermon broadcast, saying: “Very traumatic experience. I don’t know if you have ever been through anything like that. I never have. Very trying.”

He described the ordeal, which began earlier this month when he witnessed two people trying to dump a large refrigerator on his property. He stepped forward and asked them to stop, however, the men turned on him with one immediately starting to verbally attack him, while the other went to call their three other friends.

Pastor McCray said, “I informed these individuals that they were trespassing and that they couldn’t dump their refrigerator on my property, and I asked them to leave. They became irate and verbally attacked me.”

He explained that “these same individuals were threatening my life, telling me that my black life, and black lives matter stuff” were not welcome in the town.

“Being threatened and being in fear for my life, I took and felt compelled to pull my concealed weapon — legal concealed weapon — to save my life. And when I did that, finally, these individuals backed up long enough for me to call 911,” he said.

However, when he called 911, the operator did not seem interested in the threats or whether he was ok, but focused their attention only on the person with the gun. The pastor pleaded with the operator to send help.

Soon after, about 10 police officers arrived at the scene, and immediately confiscated the pastor’s gun. They went and spoke to the five individuals who had been threatening him.

He described: “They went and talked to them. They were still hollering racial epithets. They were still threatening my life. They were still telling me what they were going to do to me.”

“What did the sheriff do?” the pastor asked. “I was really never given the opportunity to tell what was going on.”

Following their chat with the five trespassers, the police immediately returned to the pastor and arrested him in front of his attackers.

Pastor McCray was released from custody later that same night, however, it wasn’t until two days later that he finally had the opportunity to sit down and report what had happened with Shenandoah County Sheriff Timothy Carter.

A review was then conducted into the incident, and later all charges were dropped against the pastor.

Sheriff Carter has said, “I have apologized to Mr. McCray, and I appreciate his patience as I have worked through these matters. I do listen to citizen complaints and I take them seriously.”

The five individuals who allegedly assaulted Pastor McCray have now also been arrested, charged with assault by a mob, as well as a hate crime assault. Four of the accused were also charged with felony abduction.

A court date has been set for July 17.

Blacks lives matters.

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The popular US based Author and public influencer Reno Omokri took to his verified tweeter account on 28th April, 2020 to counter the live broadcast by President Buhari. He wrote;

General @MBuhari’s speech was not live. It was recorded. What is the president afraid of? Why cant he have a live briefing and take questions from journalists? He just reads what is handed to him. #CoronaVirus response requires a dialogue, not a monologue. And then he went ahead and called it empty broadcast.

So, today he confirmed his allegation from the interview Buhari’s media adviser, Femi Adeshina had with Tvc News:

Reno tweeted below

In an interview with @TVCnewsng, General @MBuhari’s anodyne spokesman, @FemAdesina said “I signed on the final copy before the broadcast was recorded.”

This vindicates my tweet that Buhari’s broadcast was recorded, not live!


Fulani Radicals Raid Christian Community In Kaduna State Destroying 36 Houses And Killing 4

Armed Fulani invaders lay siege to Unguwan Magaji village in the Kamaru Chawai ward of Kauru Local Government Area (LGA), in the Southern part of Kaduna state, killing four and razing 36 houses.

The invaders who came by 6:45pm Sunday evening, from behind the hills that serves as the boundary of Kaduna state and Ganawuri, plateau State, were numbered over a 100.

They attacked from four flanks causing confusing and pandemonium among unsuspecting villagers as village youths tried to fend them off.

After about 30 minutes of violence the following were unfortunately killed: Mrs Hanatu Joseph 58, mother of 5 Children; Mrs Sarah Sunday, 40 – She left behind her husband and 6 Children.

The others are: Mrs Dije Sajay, 55, married with 6 children and Mr Sunday David, 47 married with 7 children. He was a retrenched civil servant, according to 247report.

However, brave youths of the village were said to have put strong resistance to the invaders. One of the attackers was found dead and his phone retrieved and has revealed useful information which have been passed to the police.

“When the attackers came to our house, they threatened to cut off my head, but I picked up my son and escaped through the back door and ran to the next village towards Kwall,” one resident, who was not named, told Stefanos Foundation.

“As I was running, I felt at a point that they may catch up with me, so I found a place between yam farm ridges and hid my son and continued to run in an attempt to distract them from getting to my son.”

The witness said that as he hid, he saw a local vigilante group coming to defend the residents of the village.

“They met me and asked me to move to a safer place while they engaged the attackers,” the witness said.

The attackers targeted food stores and bans of grains, making sure they burnt as much as they could. This is to ostensibly cause starvation, especially under this lockdown from the coronavirus.

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Benny Hinn Cries: ‘I Was Forced And Pressured Into This’ (Video)

I want to be a true disciple of the Lord, I want to deny myself, carry my cross and follow Him, whatever the cost, whatever it takes, before I’m gone, and truly preach the gospel. I want to preach the cross again.

Benny Hinn
In a recent interview with his Son-in-law Michael Koulianos, Pastor Benny Hinn shared from his heart, things he has never publicly shared.

Recall that earlier this month, the world woke up in shock as the healing evangelist renounced the prosperity gospel, announcing he was quitting prosperity preaching because the Holy Spirit was fed up with it.

“I think it’s time we say it as it is; the Gospel is not for sale, the blessings of God are not for sale and miracles are not for sale, and prosperity is not for sale,” – Pastor Benny Hinn.

In this recent interview, he shares;

“I don’t like it anymore, the word prosperity, because when you say the word prosperity, people start thinking negative about the word. I would rather say the blessings of the Lord. does God want to bless us? yes; does He want us to succeed in live, yes, of cause, He promised to meet our needs, that’s in the scripture, but when I hear a man today saying, sow this amount and claim the promise of God, it’s not in the bible. it’s not because you cannot put a price on the promise of God, that grieves the Holy Spirit, it’s an offense to the Lord.”

“When messages are preached today in some places, they abuse the truth of the message, they focus on what am I getting back, not what am I doing for the Lord I love.“

“I believe in giving, you can not love Jesus and not be a giver, because love is giving and giving is loving.”

“I said those same things, because of pressure, I was trapped. I went to a certain place not long ago, I ministered and people where healed and blessed, and the man who had me forced me into a position that I hated being in. When I went I said, this is not me anymore, I don’t want this, because they trap you into a position you don’t want to be in. Then I said, it’s time for me to tell the world, but I don’t think many would listen. This is a soul matter, this is my heart, I don’t want to grieve the Holy Spirit anymore. And I said Lord, I’ve grieved you a lot in my past, I don’t want to grieve you anymore.”

“I want to be a true disciple of the Lord, I want to deny myself, carry my cross and follow Him, whatever the cost, whatever it takes, before I’m gone, and truly preach the gospel. I want to preach the cross again.”

“Some of the miniters are not happy with me, it doesn’t move me at all, I only want one person (God) to be happy with me. I’m never going to go back, never, ever.“

“And I told my staff, you can’t put anything in the mail that I don’t believe anymore”.

Pastor Benny Hinn shares from the heart things he has never publicly shared. The Full Video below:


Former Satanist, Prostitute And Drug Addict Turns Preacher Of Christ

Former Satanist, Prostitute And Drug Addict Turns Preacher Of Christ.

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Sister Jennifer cried out to God and He responded with forgiveness and new life. She now works with a couple Churches in New Orleans and preaches outside the only abortion clinic in New Orleans.

She gave details of what happens inside many of those bars on Bourbon Street and how politicians, judges and police are involved in sex acts within certain buildings of the French Quarter. What a testimony to now stand with us against the very streets she worked on and just for record when she preached on Bourbon Street she mainly addressed the women walking.

Watch the full testimony below: