Christians in North Korea “celebrated Christmas as others did around the world, but in underground tunnels that are hidden from the authorities. They risked their lives, and continue to risk their lives every time they pray.

North Korean Christians celebrate Christmas in secret underground tunnels
Christians in North Korea “celebrated Christmas as others did around the world, but in underground tunnels that are hidden from the authorities. They risked their lives, and continue to risk their lives every time they pray. Although here in South Korea there are many churches, Christians in the South have no idea how fervent the prayers of those in the North are,” said Han Min, a North Korean who fled Pyongyang’s Stalinist regime. With the help of a Protestant Church, he was able to escape persecution and converted.

Han is a member of the Durihana Church in Seoul, which is run by Rev Chun Ki -won. For over 14 years, this community has been committed to helping those who want to leave the northern part of the peninsula.


According to his estimates, the congregation has helped about 1,000 North Koreans flee over this period of time. After escaping to China, they usually travel to Southeast Asia and then South Korea, according to Asia News.

The clergyman is convinced that the aid his Church provides these desperate people “naturally” leads them to Christianity.

“In North Korea, a virtual cult is in place,” he said. “Everything is focused on Kim Il-sung, the way a religious believer would focus on God. Exiles know this reality and so can easily adapt to the Christian system.”

In one of the last totalitarian regimes in the world, some state-controlled churches exist, but “just for propaganda, to show the world that they have freedom of religion.”

North Korea More Afraid Of Christians Than Nuclear Weapons

“I do not recognise these churches because their intentions are not sincere. But in North Korea, there are places that we could call churches but they are underground, places where two or three gather in secret, risking their life, to celebrate religious functions.”

This Christmas, about hundred people celebrated the holy day together with Han Min in freedom, in Rev Chun’s church.

“This is a time when one should be with those one loves, especially one’s family. For me, it would be enough to know if my family is still alive, since I have not heard from them for about 16 years.”


[A MUST READ] Ronald Dabdoub shares incredible story of the encounter that led him to Jesus Christ.

Jesus Appeared To Me – Former Atheist Ronald Dabdoub

Ronald Dabdoub shares incredible story of the encounter that led him to Jesus Christ.

As an atheist, Ronald wanted to know the truth about God. For 30 days he asked God to prove his existence with more than words. Days later, he had a vision of Jesus Christ, and that was the start of a new life for him.

I was looking, you know, what I think God is, I think God is like something the government makes up to make people scared into not breaking the law. Like even though … yes you can get away with this perfect crime, but you don’t really get away with it because the all-knowing God sees and knows.

I thought that it was a mind control concept sort of. And with all the scientific, with all the new scientific research coming out and the evolution process and all this. I started researching that. And when you start listening and research into people who have beliefs that there is no God and it’s all you hear. Your head gets filled with that belief.

That’s basically where I was. One day I just started thinking God are You real. Why would You not show yourself to me if You’re real ? And I’d say God, You know what, You know why I don’t believe You’re real ? I’m going to tell You why. Because I see evil people who don’t care about anybody. And they have billions of dollars money. They can never touch, never spend. They just watch it stockpile. There’s kids not eating tonight. Where are you ? How do I believe in you ? You’re the all-knowing, all-loving and all caring.

Well this is what I see evil people who are prospering. And I see young innocent children who are going to bed hungry, some will die of starvation. And I’m wondering where you are? You know if You are real and please show Yourself to me I want to know.

And this is the other thing God if you’re real, who is the real God ?Because as am i lucky to be born in the place where people say Jesus is God ? Because if I was born elsewhere we’re believing Allah SWT. If I was a Jew, I wouldn’t believe that my savior has come yet. I could believe in Buddha you know dag on. I could believe in so many of these gods, depending on where I was born, what culture I was brought up in.

So are you telling me that by where you’re born decides if you if ou serve the right God or not. So not only God do I want to know if you’re real. I want to know who the real God is. And Here I am I’m I’m telling You that if You’re real I want to know, And you know, I need something more than words. Because if someone tries to talk to me about it, it’s just words to me. That’s just them trying to push their beliefs on to me. Just if I want somebody to believe something I believe I would try to persuade theme that. I need something more than words.

God you know I do. I did this every day all day for 30 days for eight hours a day. God if you’re real show yourself to me ? God if you real show yourself to me ? Give me something God. I need to know. I need to know something. I’m calling out right now. If you’re real please please do something to let me know you here. Because the way I’m living, I need a guy, I need … I need … I need some divine help.

It’s about two o’clock in the morning I wake up, because I have to go to the bathroom. And I was in it laying down in a position flat on my back sort of like this. Except when I woke up. I couldn’t move anything. I had no control of my body. I’m trying to scream help but I can’t talk. I could only move my eyeballs and I’ve never felt so much fear. And I’m like this is the strangest experience that has ever happened to me in my life, what happened.

So I instantly start researching it. And it’s called “sleep paralysis” and an ancient time it’s called “the demon that stands on one’s chest”. Demons will attack when someone either does intense research of aliens or plays with the Ouija board or if they make an advancement towards the kingdom of heaven. Well I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior so I would say I made an advancement towards the kingdom of heaven. But I said I don’t want to accept ancient times, I’m a modern Western culture. What does modern science have to say about what happened to me. And through my research what science comes up with is your body is sleeping but your consciousness is awake. So I’m like so science is telling me this separate.

It’s early in the morning the sun’s just coming up and I’m looking at how pretty to different colors in the sky is. And it’s like everything in the world looks different to me this day. It’s like … it’s like … I was living life in 3d except I didn’t have the glasses. And this day I had the 3d glasses. I can see intelligence in every cloud. I just start clapping I’m like God you know this is beautiful everything, you know, thank you so much.

Well as a past this field I look to the right out of nowhere they formed themselves two of them right next to each other tornadoes about 12 feet tall. And just spinning right next to each other – They formed on a nothing – tornado clouds spun up and then dissipated. And I’m like yes God is real …. I’m cheering … I’m I mean … I’m. So I can’t tell you the excitement like. God is real and He’s revealing himself to me look into the this day. I’m trying to work a look into a tree and the leaves form the face of Jesus Christ. It’s just like everywhere I went everything it did all I saw was God … God … God.

And I’m like I’m gonna lose my mind ? Am I going crazy ? I mean what is happening to me. I want to know what’s happening with me. I don’t understand what’s going on. I know you’re gonna find this hard to believe but this is what happens to me. My brother bought me a Bible, becoming a Christian. It was a present from him to me. So I’ll open the Bible in my room. The pages turned himself. I’m not making this up yeah. I’ll polygraph test this. And go down guy and it says, “If you look for Me for like hidden treasure, If you seek me for gold…” I don’t remember the word for word but if you really … really look for Me and you … you will find Me and I will reveal Myself to you. And you will have the knowledge of God. Seek me and you will find me.

And that’s what happened. I earnestly seek God with all my heart and soul, got my eyes closed I’m laying in bed and I’m just relaxed. And I start having experiences. I’m … like … I’m dreaming except I’m wide awake. I know I’m laying in my bed except I’m slot … I’m start flying through space. The wind is blowing in my face. I know, I’m laying in my bed though. I’m wide awake but I’m enjoying this. So I’m just going with it. And then so then um then the wind is just like the wind in my room is is just like terror. It’s like so strong. It has to open my eyes. Well … over my bed is the curtains to the window … the curtains are blowing all up in the air. The ceiling fans not on so I have four walls around me where is all this wind coming from.

Well that tornado cloud that I told you that I was previously was like a small woman came into my room. And when a smoke cleared it was like a ghost of Jesus Christ. And He manifested into a human form except He was, it’s like … He glowed, He just glowed is off all I know how to say.

And then He went back into like a spirit form a ghost form and just disappeared. That whole experience lasted two or three seconds. I know what happened. I was there well then I closed my eyes, I go back into, you know, just meditating and just relax and listen into, you know, like the ocean, the wave, stuff like that.

Well I’ve never had a real vision in my life. I’ve heard of them in the Bible’s, because I’m reading the Bible two and three hours a night at this time. And all of a sudden I’m live at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The first thing I see is Jesus hanging on a cross but then it goes to before He’s on the cross and He gets wet across His back.

And I just see His back. I see Him get whipped in the back and I see His back split open. And the vision goes away. So what that told me, cuz I hear no voices, nothing’s ever spoken where I hear it. But I took that as when I called out God who are you who’s the real God I want to know. The only person that came to me is Jesus Christ nobody else.


Join Millions Of Christians In Asking Netflix To Cancel Film Depicting Jesus As Homosexual

By Bp-News-1- December 16, 2019
‘Porta dos Fondos’ – Netflix evil movie
This is an absolutely unacceptable provocation. No one has the right to attack the faith of millions of people around the world.

‘Porta dos Fondos’ – Netflix evil movie
The Brazilian group ‘Porta dos Fondos’ (Translates to “Back door”) has produced a film titled “The First Temptation of Christ” which depicts Jesus Christ as a homosexual in a clear attack to Christianity as Christmas approaches.

Over 1.5 million people have signed a petition asking streamer Netflix to take down the film that portrays Jesus in a gay relationship.

Christian Soccer Player Refuses To Wear Gay Pride Jersey, Withdraws From National Team

The 46-minute film premiered on Netflix Brazil on Dec. 3 and has since sparked a ton of controversy online for its politically incorrect satire that paints Jesus as a closeted homosexual on Christmas.

Using humor and art as an excuse, this group has attacked Christianity in an unprecedented manner. They supposedly produced this film as a “Christmas” film for their viewers!

In this film they present Christ as having relationships with a homosexual while the disciples are alcoholics and unruly . The Virgin Mary is presented as an adulterous woman who has sex with God the Father ..

“The First Temptation of Christ” sees Jesus and a friend named Orlando arrive at Mary and Joseph’s house where they’ve thrown a birthday party for their son, according to the New York Daily News. Jesus attempts to downplay his relationship with Orlando, who constantly hints that they’re more than just friends.

The outlet reports that the comedy group Porta dos Fundos is responsible for the special, which actually marks their second religious satire following “The Last Hangover,” which depicts Jesus’ disciples looking for him on the morning after the Last Supper. They recently earned an International Emmy Award for best comedy web television special for “The Last Hangover.”

The petition quickly formed and people continue to sign it in a push for the streaming service to take action against the group’s latest special for its alleged insensitivity toward Christians.

Over 200 Ex-Gay And Ex-Lesbians Rally To Show Freedom They’ve Found In Jesus

The petition which started on, has so far collected 1,529,504 signatures. It calls upon Netflix to remove the movie, made by comedy sketch group Porta dos Fundos (Backdoor in English).

This is an absolutely unacceptable provocation. No one has the right to attack the faith of millions of people around the world. This type of supposed ‘shows’ only cause one thing: numbing the population to attacks against Christians, according to citizengo.

That is why we are asking Netflix to remove this brutal attack on religious freedom.

By signing this campaign, you will be sending an email to the following Netflix executives expressing your disagreement with their film :

Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of Netflix
Jeff Hensien, Head of the Netflix Consumer Service Department
Ted Sarandos, Netflix Content Manager
Woman Breaks



In 2012, when Anthony Joshua was arrested for drug dealing, the British media called him a ‘Nigerian’. After his first win in 2017, and then again, after his most recent win last week, they referred to him as ‘British’.

The first time I knew that Andy Murray was ‘Scottish’ was when he lost. All the times that he won at Wimbledon, he was ‘British’.

Learn from Joshua and Murray. Not everybody that associates with you really loves you. Some people love your SUCCESS, not YOU. A wise man knows the difference.

Your ADMIRERS are not your FRIENDS. When what they ADMIRE in you goes, they will also go. A FRIEND does not ADMIRE you. A FRIEND LOVES you. ADMIRATION has EXPIRY DATE. LOVE does not! Marry your FRIEND, not your ADMIRER and your marriage will last!”

  • Reno Omokri

Brain Dead” Teenager Awakens From Coma After a Family Friend Prays for Her

LifeNews has repeatedly chronicled cases of people who were prematurely declared dead or said to be in supposedly persistent vegetative states who ultimately recovered. We have also covered miraculous cases where an act of God appears to be the only reason or only answer as to why a patient has recovered.

Ad Row 2
File this story under “act of God” or “answered prayers.”

Taylor Hale, then 14, suffered traumatic brain injury when she fell off hood of car while horsing around with friends in 2011. She spent a week in medically induced coma to help her brain heal, but she suffered a brain hemorrhage and her brain has supposedly “turned to mush.”

Doctors declared Taylor brain dead and took her off life support, but hours later she woke up. Right before Taylor came out of coma, a devout family friend visited her and prayed for her recovery. Jeff Stickel, a chiropractor, laid his hand on Taylor’s neck while praying with family.

Hale, now 17, will be graduating from high school on Monday.

Here’s more about her amazing story:

The family of Taylor Hale gathered in her hospital room nearly four years ago. They assembled to say goodbye.

The date was Sept. 17, 2011 — six days after what normally would have been a silly teenage moment spawned a terrible sequence of events that resulted in two parents preparing to say goodbye to their 14-year-old daughter.

Taylor was at a friend’s house on Sept. 11 after the first Waukee High School football game. A friend was leaving, and Taylor and another friend teased him. They didn’t want to leave. They sat on the hood of his car to stop him. He backed up.

Taylor was carried slightly farther, then slipped off and hit the pavement. Hard. She didn’t get up. She didn’t respond. Someone called 911. Someone else called Taylor’s mother, Stacy Henningsen.

Doctors and nurses fought to save Taylor’s life. But at the end of a grueling session, Taylor’s brain sank part way into her spinal canal. No one comes back from that, the doctors told Taylor’s mother, Stacy, and her father, Chuck Hale. Nothing more could be done. Their daughter was brain dead. It was time to make arrangements to take her off life support and discuss organ donation.

That afternoon, Jeff Stickel, a chiropractor and friend of Taylor’s parents visited the hospital. Stickel had wanted to come for some time. He felt God was calling him to treat Taylor. Stacy and Chuck figured he was too late.

He asked if he could pray with the family. They agreed. He put his hands on her neck and prayed for God to heal Taylor. The family thanked Stickel. He left.

Later that afternoon, doctors turned off the life support that had been helping her breath since the accident. And then, something unexpected happened: Taylor struggled to take a breath under her own power. They reconnected life support. As the day went on, Taylor’s brain activity began to increase. Her eyes fluttered. She made mumbling noises, trying to talk.

And finally, Taylor Hale, considered brain dead by science, awoke from her coma.

“It was the hand of God at work,” Chuck said. “That’s the only thing that can explain it.”



HEALTHLittle Girl’s Brain Tumor Mysteriously Disappears, Parents Say God Healed HerBy Jack Leahyundefined
Little Girl’s Brain Tumor Mysteriously Disappears, Parents Say God Healed Her
A family from Texas are thanking God after their little girl’s rare and inoperable brain tumor mysteriously disappeared. Doctors are actually unable to explain how and they credit it all to the healing power of Jesus Christ.

Roxli Doss was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) last year in June. This was after the 11 year old girl started suffering from headaches, nausea, and double vision. DIPG is a highly-aggressive and difficult-to-treat tumor located at the base of the brain.

Little Girl’s Brain Tumor Mysteriously Disappears, Parents Say ‘God Healed’ Her
Little Girl’s Brain Tumor Mysteriously Disappears, Parents Say ‘God Healed’ Her

The little girl’s condition was life-threatening to say the least. “It was the worst news we could have had…At Dell Children’s, Texas Children’s, at Dana-Farber, at John Hopkins, and MD Anderson, all agreed it was DIPG.” Roxli’s dad, Scott Doss, explained.undefined

“It is a devastating disease. You have decreased ability to swallow, sometimes vision loss, decreased ability to talk, eventually difficulty with breathing. We don’t have a cure. This is considered a terminal diagnosis.” Dr. Virginia Harrod, one of Roxli’s doctors at Dell Children’s Medical Center, said.

Read also: ‘Jesus Saved Our Son’s Life’- Boy Thrown From Mall Of America Balcony Out Of Critical Condition

Even so, Roxli underwent 11 weeks of radiation therapy to fight the tumor, while her family established a to help cover the costs of the medical bills.

In a bid to fight the tumor, Roxli underwent radiation therapy for eleven weeks. Her family also sent up a GoFundMe Page to aid with hospital expenses.

Beside all that, the family turned to God, knowing He was the only one who could truly change anything around. Losing their little girl to cancer was a very real scare at this point, it only made sense to hand her over to the Giver Of Life.

“The doctors guide us, but really the true guidance that we’re looking for is from God because that’s who we need our help from right now, and we’re really just praying for a miracle.” Scott said.

What happened next has left doctors speechless!

An MRI scan in September showed that the brain tumor had mysteriously disappeared. Roxli was cancer-free!

“When I first saw Roxli’s MRI scan, it was actually unbelievable. The tumor is undetectable on the MRI scan, which is really unusual.” Dr. Harrod confirmed.

Roxli’s parents are convinced that it was God’s doing that healed their child and saved her from imminent death.

“A Miracle!! We all walked out in shock even though we had been begging, praying, asking and believing. Thank you Jesus just wasn’t enough to say.” The family wrote on

“God is using precious Roxli as a vessel for His mighty power! REVIVAL is springing up in hearts everywhere!” Gena Doss, Roxli’s mom, wrote on social media.


BREAKING NEWS Popular evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke dies Published December 7, 2019

Popular evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke, is dead.

His death was announced in a statement signed by his wife, Anni Bonnke.

The statement was shared on Evangelist Bonnke’s verified Facebook page on Saturday.

In the statement, Anni said, “Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ. It is with sorrow that the Bonnke Family would like to announce the passing of our beloved husband, father, and grandfather, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

“He passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family, on December 7, 2019. For the past 60 years, he has preached the glorious Gospel of Jesus throughout the entire world. We want to thank you on behalf of him and our family, for your kind love and unwavering support, which enabled him to preach the matchless message of salvation to countless people. He preached Jesus.”